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Joliot Type Spectrometr

A kinetic spectrometer for complete characterization of photosynthesis - both linear and cyclic electron flow.


The JTS-100 is a Joliot type pump-probe spectrometer. It is designed for looking at photo-initiated reaction kinetics on a micro-second time scale. It can be used in fluorescence or absorbance modes with a range of excitation and detection wavelengths to examine electron transfers and non-photochemical quenching in leaves, algae, or bacteria. Applications for artificial photosynthesis and photo-voltaic development can be quickly developed.


The system has three components: an optical bench, large area photodiodes and a hardware controller. The dual beam configuration of the optical bench and low-noise electronics deliver extreme stability and excellent reproducibility. The hardware controller has pulsed current sources and programmable voltage supplies, which make integration of new LEDs fast and easy. The controller contains high speed processing electronics to control events or read data with 100 ns precision. It also contains a single board computer which hosts the platform-independent web app interface.


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