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  • Redox-flow battery testing system

    Redox-flow battery testing system


    We are proud to annouce that we are offering a complete research system for redox-flow batteries. The system was developed by our Company with scientific cooperation with Poznan University of Technology. System works with Bio-Logic potnetiostat.

  • 10 years on the market


    Lambda System has 10 years!

  • EKKO - the first CD microplate reader on the market

    EKKO - the first CD microplate reader on the market


    Bio-Logic Science Instruments intoduces the first and the only CD (Circular Dichroism) microplate reader on the market. We invite you to get known the offer details on the product webpage.

  • BP-300 - premium class bipotentiostat

    BP-300 - premium class bipotentiostat


    Bio-Logic introduces a new bipotentiostat / bigalvanostat, model BP-300. This is the highest research grade 2-channels potentiostat allowing for measurement on two working electrodes in one cell. More information on BP-300 site.

  • Our booths at conferences

    Our booths at conferences


    Thank you for visiting us at summer conferences and workshops: 9th Workshop on Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy and Related Techniques, which was on August 13-17, 2017 and 6th Polish Forum SMART ENERGY conversion & storage, which took place in Bukowina Tatrzańska on September 3-6, 2017. On both events we have promoted electrochemical offer of Bio-Logic Science Instruments Company.

  • Coin cell holder

    Coin cell holder


    Bio-Logic introduces unique holder for coin cells testing. CCH-8, besides its high quality, offers four-point  measurement, holders stacking possibility and maximum cables reduction. We invite you to visit our website of this product.

  • Advanced RF drivers

    Advanced RF drivers


    There is a new RF driver series for acousto-optic cells in our specialistic devices family. All the devices are custom made, adapted to end-user requirements. We invite you to get known our new product: Differential RF Driver

  • SECM150 - Compact electrochemical microscope

    SECM150 - Compact electrochemical microscope


    Bio-Logic introduces new scanning electrochemical microscope with compact dimensions and huge possibilities. Discover the specifications of SECM150!

  • Booster 60V / 50A for VMP3 family

    Booster 60V / 50A for VMP3 family


    For VMP3 family potentiostats / galvanostats (models: Bio-Logic SP-150, VSP, VMP3) there is a current-voltage amplfier (booster) available. It allows for measurements in range 1 - 60 V and ±50 A. It is possible to connect four devices in parallel to achieve currents at 200 Amps level. The main application of this booster is battery research and testing.

  • Accessories for impedance analyzer

    Accessories for impedance analyzer


    Impedance anayzer offered by our Company can be equipped in very helpfull accesories: furnace and temperature chamber and special sample holder adapted for both devices. These accessories totally cover temperature range from -35°C do 1100°C during solid sample impedance measurements. Please, visit our actualized MTZ-35 analyzer website.

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