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  • New battery cycler series BCS-900

    New battery cycler series BCS-900


    BioLogic already offers the newest series of battery cyclers - BCS-900. The built-in data storage and revolutionary software sets new trends in battery cell testing technology. Please visit manufacturer's website to learn more about this product family: https://www.biologic.net/battery-cycler/

  • Our booth at FuNaM

    Our booth at FuNaM


    Visit our booth at FuNaM 4 conference organized by Chemistry Department of Jagiellonian University in Cracow on 26-29th September 2023. More information about conference: http://www.funam.confer.uj.edu.pl/

  • New models SP-50e and SP-150e

    New models SP-50e and SP-150e


    BioLogic Science Instruments introduces new, improved versions of the popular Essential series single-channel potentiostats. The new SP-50e and SP-150e replace the previous models without "e" symbol. The main differences are: maximum current increased to 1 A and implementation of the EIS quality indicators in versions equipped with a frequency response analyzer (FRA). The SP-50e is now offered with EIS option, while the SP-150e has the possibility of second channel installation.

  • VMP-3e in place of well-known VMP3

    VMP-3e in place of well-known VMP3


    BioLogic Science Instruments introduces a new model of multipotentiostat: VMP-3e. It is an improved version VMP3 - well known in the electrochemical community. The new, 16-channel model has an increased maximum current up to 1 A on each channel and built-in EIS quality indicator s. The new channels can also be installed in the VMP3 chassis, although with limited specifications.

  • BluRev RDE now also RRDE

    BluRev RDE now also RRDE


    BioLogic's electrode rotator BluRev now is available also as Rotating Ring Disk Electrode (RRDE).

  • New address


    Due to development of our Company, we have moved to new facility. Our new office is placed in the Warsaw SOHO area.

  • VSP-3e



    BioLogic introduces a new multipotentiostat / galvanostat - model VSP-3e, tailor-made for energy research. Up to 8 independent channels with 1 A current range on each channel, with possibility to expand even up to 800 A.

    More information on the VSP-3e model webpage.

  • Benchtop RF drivers

    Benchtop RF drivers


    Precisely finished benchtop RF drivers are the newest product in our portfolio. We build these customized devices after discussing all the project details.




    Visit us at the most important fairs LASER World of PHOTONICS which takes place in Munich, 27 - 27 June 2019. Together with a team from Wroclaw University of Technology we will promote our new product: SEED laser in MOPA configuration. Our booth will be in B3 hall, number 140.

  • Bio-Logic BlueRev RDE

    Bio-Logic BlueRev RDE


    Bio-Logic indroduces a new rotating disk electrode. More information in accessories section.

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