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Fiber optics of different types for application in telecomunications, science and wide area of photonics. We offer singlemode, multimode and polarization maintaining fibers. The are fiber optics available in spool or patchcords - cables finished with suitable connectors. There are also different cable constructions available.


We offer following fiber optics:

  • standard singlemode fibers
  • large mode area fibers (LMA)
  • polarization maintaining fibers
  • graded index multimode fibers
  • step index multimode fibers for UV-VIS and VIS-IR wavelength ranges


Each fiber can be ordered with suitable end finishing and connectors. We offer all standard fiber optics connectors:

  • ferrules for pigtailing
  • NTT-FC
  • adjustable NTT-FC
  • SMA 905
  • AT&T-ST
  • SC
  • LC
  • MU
  • E2000
  • Mini DMI
  • Mini ST




Detailed descriptions and catalog numbers are available in the brochures to download below.

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