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Paint coating test cell

Paint coating test cell

This cell is dedicated for testing flat coated material samples (protection surfaces, paintings etc.). The coating cell consists of a glass tube mounted on a square nylon base (surface 100 cm²). O-ring placed between the tested sample and the bottom of the glass body prevents from leakage.


In order to perform a precise experiment, a vinyl mask should be sticked on the sample. The mask is single-use and has a hole with known area. Three sizes are available:: 1 cm², 3 cm² and 10 cm². Sample must be flat and its maximum thickness is 10 mm. Minimum sample size is 40 x 40 mm.


EL-COAT kit consists of following elements:

  • glass body with volume of 50 ml
  • nylon base with three feets
  • rubber cup with two holes for electrodes
  • metal clamp
  • o-ring
  • graphite rod counter electrode (L=146 mm, Ø=6 mm)


Optional elements which should be ordered separately:

  • reference electrode with diameter 6 mm
  • bridge tube for 6 mm reference electrode
  • sample mask of 1 cm² (20 units)
  • sample mask of 3 cm² (20 units)
  • sample mask of 10 cm² (20 units)

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