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The first CD microplate reader on the market designed for circular dichroism measurements allowing for high throughput screening.


EKKO™ CD microplate reader is the first well plate reader designed for circular dichroism measurements. It introduces a new fast and economic tool to meet today’s advanced pharmacopeia requirements. The EKKO™ operates like other well plate readers already on the market for absorbance and fluorescence. By eliminating the need to transfer samples to a cuvette, users significantly reduce the amount of time spent running large numbers of samples. The EKKO™ reads 96 well plates standard,  and can accommodate 384 well plates as an option. The EKKO™ can read 96 wells in less than two minutes. Thousands of measurements are possible per day, making circular dichroism a new high throughput and cost saving technique.


The EKKO™ also saves lab space with a footprint one fourth of conventional CD instruments with autosamplers.


Basic specifications:

  • CD High Throughput Screening
  • wavelength range: 185-880 nm
  • 96 wells reading < 2 minutes
  • thousands of ee values per hour
  • noise floor: as low as 0,05 mdeg (1s)
  • extra low operation costs
  • ¼ footprint of a conventional CD with autosampler attachment
  • 10 to 100 x faster than HPLC or conventional CD

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