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Multielectrode measurements cables

Multielectrode measurements cables

For VMP3 family multichannel potentiostats (VSP and VMP3 models) we are offering specific cell cables, which significantly simplify working with multi-electrode systems. Thanks to them it is not necessary to connect many banana plugs together to perform measurement f.ex. with many working electrodes, one reference and one counter electrode. The measurement is more stable then and there is no risk of disconnection during experiment.


Bipotentiostat cable


Cat. number: 092-22/12 (length 1.5 m)

Cat. number: 092-22/12A (length 3 m)

Cat. number: 092-22/12B (length 4 m)



  • compatible to models: BiStat, VSP, VMP3
  • type of channel: standard
  • number of channels: 2
  • number of terminations: 4 (2 for working electrodes, 1 for reference electrode, 1 for counter electrode)


N-stat box


Cat. number: 092-16 (4 standard channels)

Cat. number: 092-22/3 (8 standard channels)

Cat. number: 092-22/4 (8 low current channels)



  • compatible to models: VSP, VMP3
  • requires external power supply (092-16/1) except VMP3 with 1 box connected



Low current N-stat box

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